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Development History


In 2012

The brand RANVOO was established;

In 2015

RANVOO created a number of market-leading mobile phone cases, metal frames, and tempered glass film products in the accessories market through Huawei Mate7;

In 2018

The RANVOO phone case won the "Quality Excellence Award" and "Standard Contribution Award";

In 2019

RANVOO entered the category of small household appliances;

In 2021

RANVOO Black Hole Mosquito Killer Lamp and Vitality Mosquito Repellent Bracelet will rank No. 1
in the same category, and the heater family and clothing care series was launched in the same year;

In 2022

The upgraded version of the vitality mosquito repellent bracelet and the new hanging neck fan
will be launched and popular on the whole network, which many bloggers and users deeply
love.In the same year, the world's first smart wearable air conditioner was launched, refreshing
the traditional perception of hanging neck & air conditioner products.