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Ranvoo warm-cube technology really warms the whole house

RANVOO Institute pioneered the Rave Warm-Cube technology, which implants a cubic heat-generating molecular structure -- graphene GRAPHEAT3™ in two-dimensional nanomaterials. When the electricity is turned on, the heat generated by friction and collision between carbon molecules is higher than that of ordinary heaters. The heat energy is significantly improved, and the radiated heat can cover a wider area of the house than ordinary heaters.
At the same time, the corresponding graphene GRAPHEAT3™ is sprayed on the PTC heating element. In addition to increasing the thermal efficiency by 15%, and the surface temperature is 15-20° higher than that of ordinary heaters, it can also effectively reduce power and achieve the ideal heating effect of energy saving.
From the perspective of users' lives, RANVOO Institute fundamentally solves the pain points of the poor heating effect of the heater, partial heating and energy consumption, and provides the optimal solution for users to heat in winter.