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Ranvoo hot-film technology subverts traditional heating methods

Ranvoo Institute first launched the Ranvoo hot-film technology, subverting the traditional heating form, using a new and safe heating film technology, innovatively upgrading from block-like overall heating to point-like zero-radiation heat, increasing the single-point heating power to firmly lock the temperature, Greatly improve the skin's temperature sensing effect, and use far-infrared heat to release hot film molecules, dissipate heat in the form of heat radiation, and penetrate into the deep skin. Compared with traditional heating products that can only warm parts, Rave's hot-film technology has achieved warmth for the whole body. In the cold winter, a powerful heating film is formed outside the skin.
In addition, Ranvoo graphene heating film is coated with spraying technology, which has the remarkable characteristics of light, thin and fast heating. At the same time, the sensory experience of the far-infrared heating is the same as that of the sun, preventing the skin from feeling dry. It is a one-stop solution to the traditional hand warmer. The three major problems of unsafe treasure, not constant temperature, and not light.