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RANVOO-ICEMAX,unlock a new way of outdoor cooling

After a large number of user research, experiments and scientific calculation demonstration, we found that "comfortable cooling experience" is the core demand of users when purchasing cooling products in high temperature, and effectively reducing the somatosensory temperature in high temperature is also the difficulty to be overcome by outdoor cooling equipment in the market. Therefore, we improve and optimize the cooling technology from the three dimensions of "cooling efficiency", "cooling system" and "innovative air duct", and strive to bring cool and comfortable healthy cooling experience.

In refrigeration, Rave adopts double-layer dual-core TEC custom-grade semiconductor material, so that N-P particles double-layer array arrangement, forming Partier effect. After double-layer arrangement, the internal resistance becomes smaller to achieve the best balance between performance and power consumption, which further enlarges the temperature difference and greatly improves the refrigeration performance. At the same time, the super-large area of the new superconducting cold material, the cold evenly transferred to the skin surface, so that every place around the neck feel cool.

If you want to further improve the refrigeration performance of the product, even in high temperature environment, you can also have excellent refrigeration performance, you need a set of powerful cooling system to deal with the heat generated by the refrigeration sheet and the machine work. Rave will weld the ultra-thin FIN sheet with high thermal conductivity three-dimensional together, forming a 90000mm² large area of heat dissipation, and spray graphene coating on the surface. To achieve high efficiency heat dissipation over a large area, four-core turbofans are also introduced to quickly transfer heat into the air.

AICE 3 outputs surging cool air through the four-core turbine wind to form a surrounding wind curtain sweeping up and down. The inner side wall is used to surround the wind ring, allowing cold air to run through the neck, forming a three-dimensional private climate of cool air, making every inch of skin feel as cool as ice. It also reduces the production of sticky sweat and cooling pad condensation mist, creating an immersive cooling experience.